Lamar Odom Raps On Camera About Creepin’ On Khloé (Video)

Lamar & his homie Jamie freestyle shirtless and sh*t-faced.

Lamar and his childhood friend, Jamie decided one drunken night to try out their shirtless freestyle skills and it’s all on video for us to see, laugh and cringe.

Lamar slurs through his ‘rhyme’ but at one point he comes close to the camera almost whispering “and when Khloe’s out of town, I guess I’ll still be on the DL”.

Jamie chimes “You know what it is. We the QU [Queens] pimps. Ask any of these shorties. We ran through their cribs”.

Saying on camera that you creep on your wife when she’s out of town is not cool. But, you know how rappers like to exaggerate in their rhymes sometimes so, maybe that’s what Emcee Odom was doing here.

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If you watched their show “Khloé & Lamar” you know that Khloé was not a big fan of Jamie at all. She felt he was a moocher and a hanger on.

Jamie Sangouthai was responsible for Lamar’s online t-shirt store and was running the business right to the ground with a lot of items showing as ‘sold out’ for months because he was not keeping track of restocking the inventory.

lamar and Jamie

He played on the fact that he and Lamar were childhood friends and that Lamar was the only one who cared for him when he had his addiction issues and was depressed.

Lamar is currently training to get his basketball career back on track and play for the LA Clippers. He’s also seems to be mending his relationship with Khloe.

So, if Jamie released this video that’s so shady. Choose your friends wisely, people.