“Sharkiesha” Victim and Mother Speak Out Against Brutal Attack

Victim's Mother

Victim’s Mother

A video of a brutal attack of another Houston teen by a girl named Sharkiesha sent the internet in an uproar last week. Now the victim of that attack, Shamichael Manuel and her mother are speaking out about the events prior to what happened.

Shamichael explained that she believes it was a set up and that she saw the girl earlier in the day and everything was fine. Due to innuendo and loose rumors about her and a boy that Sharkiesha was attracted to, the violent incident took place, giving the young miss Manuel a bruised lip, a black eye and a disgraced reputation.

The Manuel family is speaking out because recovering from the vicious attack is only the first part of healing. Shamichael now has to deal with constant taunts online and jokes made at her expense because of the initial video.